About Me

Welcome to my blog.  It may seem odd that, as a new blogger I have chosen to call my blog “least said”.  It’s not that I don’t plan to say anything in this blog; it is simply indicative of my stance that, particularly if we are choosing to publish it, we should talk or write on a subject only when there is something of worth to communicate and/or when we are in possession of as much of the facts as possible.  I am always happy to hear opinion so long as it is informed opinion.  However, a lot of the hubbub that fills our senses from day to day is the output of the ignorant but opinionated.  I don’t intended to sound as harsh as that last statement perhaps does, we are all ignorant of the truth of most topics, the truth is perhaps often unknowable and certainly we cannot know everything about everything.  I simply mean that before we begin to hold forth on any subject, that we should make all efforts to know what we are talking about; otherwise we should preface any statement with “I think” and be willing to change our minds if and when we find that we are in error.

Anyway, about me!  I am a late fifties, UK born male though I now live and work in mainland Europe.

What seems like a lifetime ago (because it is!), I studied for a BA in Literature and Philosophy (I would describe myself as a relativist).  I am currently studying, just for the hell of it, for an MSc.

At about age 12, I declared myself an atheist and have held firm to that stance ever since.  At about age 14, I read about Buddhism in an encyclopaedia that my parents bought for me and decided that, as there was no deity in Buddhism and that it’s tenets seemed in tune with my own, that I would be a buddhist but, of course, I wasn’t then and, indeed, never have been.  However, I have been on several buddhist retreats and once spent several months living with a buddhist community.  I try to live, as best as I am able, in a considered, thoughtful and mindful manner.

I have enjoyed an extremely varied working life. In the many industries that I have operated, I have variously been, employee, trade unionist,  manager, employer and self-employed.

I have been married twice, divorced once and am a dad, step-dad, grandfather, step-grandfather and now a step-great-grandfather.  My main concern at this time is the state of the world both environmentally and politically that our children are going to inherit.

My interests are wide and varied and I intend to write on that basis, some of my writing will be personal, some may be political, I will write as and when I believe I have something of worth to say.  I hope that readers will find it interesting and worth reading and that perhaps there is some small chance that someone may find some of it inspirational.