I had a meal with some friends last night. The discussion, of course covered the EU, brexit, and Boris. But when the topic eventually arrived at Corbyn, almost in unison, the cry was “he has to go!” Why? Because “he is unelectable”. This, of course, is the message now being broadcast far and wide by the media. Odd, as it may seem, on the very day following such a momentous vote, when most people, even those who voted leave, were concerned with the what, the when and the wherefore of the United Kingdom detatching itself from the EU, the British media, almost as one voice, were rounding on Jeremy Corbyn. It may indeed have seemed a little odd shift of focus but it is not altogether surprising because it had also become apparent that there was an early election in the offing and there is always the potential that we could witness yet another surprise result.

So the media behaved exactly as we would expect, attacking the Labour Party because, post Blair, it has had the impertinence to move leftwards, away from the dominant political ideology of neoliberalism. The acceptable political spectrum is now very narrow. Step outside of it and you will be belittled, castigated and ridiculed. The consequence of the media onslaught, peppered coincidentally with the phrases “he has to go” and “he is unelectable”, is that there becomes a correlation in people’s minds between the name Corbyn and those phrases. Even those on the left blurt it out, almost unthinkingly. I would suggest that, if Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable, that is the reason why and it has little or nothing to do with personality, charisma or even policy.

We have witnessed a surge of support, particularly among younger voters, for the left as personified by Corbyn and that is something that should be celebrated. The youth of today, faced with a world of unemployment, austerity, growing inequality and environmental destruction, are saying “enough”. It seems that they may be less corrupted by the media because they are very adept at sharing ideas outwith the traditional means controlled by media moguls. So, this is not the time for shifting the Labour Party to the right until the media deem it acceptable. Even if the arguments have not yet been won, the left of Labour Party need to carry on until they are, they need to stand their ground, hold on to their principles, because it is principles that matter not, power at any cost. If Labour are unelectable this time around, they need to work hard to make sure that they are next time and, of course, more and more of the younger generation are becoming eligible to vote day on day on day; Labour must not alienate them.


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