I am old enough to remember when the Labour Party was the party of the workers. I, back then, was a NUPE branch secretary and, it so happens, Jeremy Corbyn was our organiser. Unfortunately, those days have most certainly gone and union membership has plummeted but Jeremy has changed little.

I am ashamed to say that my generation became the most selfish and greediest generation in history. We have sold off the public utilities, the building societies and social housing; we have pushed the price of property out of the reach of the next generation, and so, we rent it to them and make ourselves, wealthier in both cash and assets in the process. We also want to give less of our wealth to the needy; basic income tax rates have halved in my lifetime. Furthermore, we have amassed both personal and national debts at levels which would have been inconceivable to my parents generation. On the back of all of this avarice, the Labour Party has slewed to the right and has adopted the tailored suited, media savvy posturing that has been dictated by right wing press. Fail to look the part or to measure up to the media model and you are right royally ridiculed.

When Jeremy Corbyn, the complete antithesis of that model, stood for the leadership, I, like most, assumed he had little chance of winning. I was delighted to be proven wrong and more delighted that it was the younger generation that secured his victory. The young know that we need change, we need to pull this country back from the neo-liberalist agenda that my generation, aided by New Labour, has been instumental in pushing forward. It may be an uphill struggle, we may be facing a hostile media but that should not mean that we give up. Don’t take hope away from the new, young left by sliding back towards the right and leaving them disenfranchised once more just in order to appease the media bosses. It may take a while, Rome, as they say, was not built in a day but what we must do is to persevere. We have to make it clear that we are not going anywhere and not only that but also that we are a growing voice calling for a more compassionate, kinder and tolerant politic. We have to stop the rich enriching themselves even more at the cost of the less well off.

It was notable that, in what I witnessed, of the little media coverage that Jeremy was afforded over the referendum, he talked almost exclusively about jobs and workers rights and conditions. That is exactly where the labour party should be. Let the parasitic marketeers and currency traders look out for themselves. The Labour Party was and can be again the party of the workers and those who don’t think it can or don’t want to be part of it should just go. The rest of us need to keep shouting the message loud and clear that there is an alternative and more will join us.


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